Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lesson 23

Well I made it through the 23 Things on a stick. I feel I learned a lot. I understand what Flicker, facebook, wigets etc. really are. Some things I will use, others I will not. One thing I will say some of the instructions were not real clear. Not everybody taking the class is technically savy. It is frustrating to try to do something and just can't make it work. That was when I let go of perfection and did the best I could with each step. I talked to one of the library aids and she pretty much gave up because it was too hard. I think there should be a way to try some thing out with people who are inexperienced with computers to make sure instructions are clear. The thing that surprised me is that I actually finished it. It was a good learning experience. I think it would be nice for libraries to offer more classes for patrons to learn more about computers. Thank you for this experience. Good luck to all of you who haven't finished yet. Even if you can't do everything like me, you will learn something every time to look at a step.

Lesson 22

I checked out the different feeds. Some were of interest and some were not. Being a board member some things do not apply to me. It does help to keep in touch with what is happening in the library world. I agree some things are harder than others. I wasn't able to do everything and there were some things I would never use. I do have a better understanding of blogs, feed, flicker and many other items. This program has been good for me and I hope that we can encourage teens to be more active in library activities. Thanks for including board members in 23 things on a stick.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lesson 21

I tried to read the my space for books but I couldn't get to the article. The webjunction article was good and showed how the internet can keep and library and internet users in touch. I added a comment to a post. This is the site I am entering for the ning I am not a member of a net working community. I did see a knitting group I might join and there was a crochet group that I will look into further.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lesson 20

I looked at Facebook and My Space. I think if I had a child I would prefer facebook. They seem to have more safety protection for children. This is a good way to communicate with teens. Since this is where a lot of them spend their time it is important for them to know that the library is a good source for help with homework. A library could post events at the library that would interest teens. Since this is the way they like to communicate libraries have be part of that communication. I did not set up an account. I really didn't feel that I would use it.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I looked at, podcast. net, podcastalley, yahoo, and the educational one. I had some trouble making work. Podcastalley was my favorite. I listened to a podcast called pisceanknits. It was interesting hearing her discuss knitting. I picked my favorite from the educational podcast. It is environminutes. I liked it because it was informative and short. Some of the podcast are really long. I don't think I will do much with podcast. I am really more partial to blogtalk radio. This was interesting and not hard to navigate. good podcast

Lesson 18

I watched several videos on U Tube. I put in the keyword flylady and saw some very messy house and their progress getting them clean. I watched a video Funny cats from Kjpar 7 done on December 28, 2006. It was hilarious. The cat jumping into the water in the bath tub was so funny. We have cats and I can see cats doing all of those crazy things. Unfortunately the cut and paste feature doesn't seem to work on my computer. I think because UTube and other video sites are so popular libarian have to be familiar with how they work. Videos of events at a library could also be posted on U Tube or Google. I keep trying to do these lessons. I think I am getting something out of them even if I can't do everything.